Introducing Networked BI

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"BI is going virtual. Is your company ready?"
with Martha Bennett.


Learn how this powerful new architecture can deliver agility with governance. And piece of mind.

Expanding the use of analytics across the enterprise using legacy, on-premises products involves time-consuming and expensive efforts that rely on physical replication of BI infrastructure. Modern, multi-tenant cloud architectures make possible a new, more agile approach called Networked BI, which virtualizes the entire BI ecosystem and transforms every aspect of a company’s approach to analytics.

Join Forrester Research’s Martha Bennett as she shares her latest findings on what CIOs need to know when evaluating cloud BI solutions. You will also hear from Birst as they introduce Networked BI and explain how organizations can leverage this new approach to analytics to deliver end-user freedom and enterprise-grade scalability at unprecedented speed.

In this webinar, you will learn

  • Why not all BI and analytics clouds are born equal
  • The differences between multi-tenant cloud and hosted or managed services
  • How Birst’s Networked BI enables global governance with local execution at business speed
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