Introducing Birst 5X featuring Elekta Healthcare Analytics

Birst 5X: Turn Information Consumers into Information Producers – Connected or Disconnected

Join us as we introduce Birst 5X and welcome our featured speaker, Mike Bozek, VP of Business Line Management for Cancer Care Solutions at Elekta who will describe how this innovative human care company uses business intelligence to make a difference in people’s lives.

Traditional BI and analytics solutions offer fragmented experiences for dashboards, discovery and mobile that target distinct audiences: dashboards for information “consumers” and discovery for information “producers”. This approach locks people into rigid user roles that don’t reflect how the modern business person works with data.

Birst 5X delivers an Adaptive User Experience designed to support how people interact with data, enabling them to seamlessly transition between dashboards, discovery and mobile, connected or disconnected, and turning every information consumer into an information producer. In this webinar, you will:

  • Find out how Birst 5X breaks down the wall between dashboards and visual discovery
  • Learn how its enhanced mobile experience supports disconnected analysis to deliver insights anywhere
  • Understand why interoperability is essential to adapt to heterogeneous analytics environments
  • Learn how Elekta helps healthcare providers make more informed decisions around the quality of care and business practices